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I can’t play any game other than squash and the TRP game: Ekta Kapoor

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Ekta Kapoor was present at the launch of MTV ‘Box Cricket League’ Season 3 on Thursday. During media interaction the she admitted sports are not her forte but the TRP game is.
Talking about cricket when asked how crazy she is about sports, she said, “I am not crazy about sports. I can’t play any other game than squash and the TRP game.”
When asked why she chose MTV after Viacom’s Colors, Ekta said, “I don’t think at 4 or 4: 30 in the afternoon we would get as many young people to watch it. This is a huge brand. And secondly, MTV has a connection with youth. Box cricket is cricket in a funny way even though they are a lot of madness, they go crazy while playing. It is going to have the element of brashness and it was meant to be consumed by the youth. It did pretty well before but the slot that we wanted was far closer to prime time.”
While talking about the show Ekta said, “Far younger and more reality show characters and actors will be seen this year. And of course people that youngsters will identify more with will be part of the show. It is a reality show and in the past couple of years we have realized that the rating where huge on the episodes that had reality show actors.”
It is an original format of sports-reality where top TV actors, both male and female, will battle in an indoor Box Cricket League.
The show will have a combination of on-ground and behind-the-scenes locker-room drama and will see 8 teams compete for the title.

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