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“I am happy I didn’t change my personality,” says Bigg Boss Ex-contestant Hiten Tejwani

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TV actor Hiten Tejwani left the Bigg Boss house yesterday. He said that he is happy as he didn’t change his personality and believes that he didn’t add much masala to the show. “I am happy that I didn’t have to change my personality. My dignity in intact,” he quoted. He was one of the strong contestant and was loved by many.
He also said that it will take couple of days to get back to his normal routine. He further added saying that he was a strong contender and so was a threat to Bigg Boss players. Hence housemates chose Priyank over him. “I’m still disoriented. It will take me a couple of days to get back to my routine as my body-clock is still set to Bigg Boss time. I have to accept it. The housemates were given a choice to save either Priyank (Sharma) or me and they picked him. The game has become so dirty that people want to strike off strong contenders. I respected everybody and didn’t indulge in back-biting so I expected them to root for me but they felt threatened by me so they wanted me out. Priyank is not a threat to them.
While the actor, who is married to former co-star Gauri Pradhan, kept a relatively low-profile, his stint on the reality show was punctuated by fellow inmate Arshi Khan’s advances. “It irritated me initially and I would tell her that there were other boys in the house for her to target, to which she said she wanted a man, not a boy. She was very funny but she never crossed the line. She was always supportive and extremely loyal,” he added saying that he wants Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde or Arshi to win.
He also spoke about the most emotional moment he had in the house of Bigg Boss. He said his wife and kids visited him on the show and that was the best and memorable part he will remember.
Not only this he also praised Salman Khan as being the real Bigg Boss of the house. He said, “He is the real Bigg Boss.”

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