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Salman Khan: The Winner of the Race

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Salman Khan: The Winner of the Race

The much awaited film of Salman Khan in the year 2018 was Race3. The fans of the ‘Bhai’of
Bollywood’ were waiting eagerly for this film. Salman had delivered the blockbuster last year in
the form of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. The second film in the ‘Tiger Series’ had done the stupendous
business and had crossed the Rs. 300 crores mark at the box office. Soon after it Race3 was
announced and since the beginning there was lots of curiosity about this film, especially among
Salman fans. Of course, there were many reasons for it. First and foremost reason was that the
Race 3 franchise is known for fast, smooth and stylish form of narrating the story with good
amount of action. Hence, when Sallu fans came to know that their matinee idol is going to
replace Saif Ali Khan in the third installment of Race, naturally their excitement knew no
bounds. It would not be an exaggeration to say that from the day first of the announcement of
Race3 with Salman, his fans started dreaming about how he will portray his role in the film. And
their wait for the release of the film began and the wait came to happy and sweet ending on 15 th
June 2018 when Race3 opened with bumper numbers on box office. The second reason for
Race3 instilling the interest of the audience was, replacement of Director-duo Abbas and Mastan.

As everybody knows, the first two films in Race franchise were directed by Abbas-Mustan, but
when ‘Bhai’ entered the Race, first act done was replacing Abbas-Mustan with Remo D’souza.
Another reason which made Race 3, the much awaited film of the year was Salman decided to be
one of the producers of Race3 under his banner Salman Khan Films (SKF). I think, these three
reasons were enough for loyal fans of Salman to start their wait and ‘race’ towards the release of
the Race3. And when the shooting of the film was in progress various new things were updated
about the making of the film. For instance, the news that Salman has penned one of the songs
(Selfish Hoke Apne Liye Jiyo), it was really the icing on the cap, because Salman fans have seen
him in the avatar of actor, painter, philanthropist, fitness enthusiast, symbol of secularism, singer
and now they were going to listen and ‘hum’ or sing the songs written by him.

Race3 after its release has become successful in fulfilling the expectations of Sallu fans hence,
within three days of its release it has crossed the business of Rs. 100 crores. The success of
Race3 at box office makes one to think and probe the causes of the stupendous success of the
film in terms of money. As we know, since the promotion of the film was started by the Team
Race3, there were counter attacks on the film on various platforms such as twitter, facebook and
even in print media. It was seemed that as if somebody was running the parallel campaign of
criticizing Race3. Various memes were also made and issued and also the famous dialogue of
Daisy Shah- ‘Our business is our business, none of your business’ was even ‘immortalized’ even
though the original motive was to make fun of it, but it boomeranged on those who tried to
criticize and laugh at this dialogue, because the ‘Nagad Narayan’ a.ka. ‘Paissa’ or money earned
by Race3 at box office is proof beyond doubt that Salman fans don’t care for the criticism by
critics or anybody else in twitter, facebook, WhatsApp or any other form of media.


It’s always a puzzle that how Salman manages to beat his critics through box office numbers.
And our probe in this regard makes us to reach to the following answers or conclusions,
The Bhai believes in giving ‘pure entertainment’ to the audience through his films with strict no
to vulgarity. Secondly, Salman’s films are always good in the department of music and songs.

Hence, his films can be watched by grandparents, parents and children together. Salman would
be probably only star to have the fan following of such three generations and subtly there is
always a message in his films that he cares for his family members and friends, which is true in
his real life also. Hence, audience get connected with his reel life character and compares it with
real life behavior and in the process enjoys the two or more than two hours of only
entertainment, entertainment and entertainment and at last comes out of the theatres with smile
on their faces and happiness in their heart relishing the fact that the ‘Good Guy-Bhai’ has beaten
up the bad guys in the film.

As Salman himself had said last year while elaborating the below
expectation performance of ‘Tubelight’ at box office, that during festive season the fans don’t
like that their hero was beaten up badly by the villain. Hence, it was a foregone conclusion that
Race3 will definitely win the box office race in the most stylish way and it has done it. So, we
recommend the viewers if they want the entertainment factor at its fullest then go and watch
Rac3. Yaar after all who wants to make already a serious life more serious after watching always
the so called ‘stuff and and content’ driven and ‘issue oriented’ films. Kabhi to ‘Ik Baar Baby
Selfish Hoke Apne Liye Jiyo Na’ and get amused after watching the films with light and
enjoyable content. Race3 definitely fulfills this ‘Entertainment Quotient’. Hence Race3 is equal
to Entertainment, Entertainment and only Entertainment.

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