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First look of Hrithik Roshan’s new movie!!

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Yes, that’s Hrithik looking completely immersed into his character he has started for shooting for his Varanasi schedule today.

This first look will surprise you thinking that he must not be Hrithik, but it’s true. Hrithik is playing role of famous mathematician Anand Kumar’s life on the big screen. And this will be the best gift for his fans who are waiting for his  next movie which is going to be a very interesting story of the year.Although we agree he doesn’t exactly duplicate Anand’s looks considering Hrithik has grown a heavier beard than Anand’s stubble but that doesn’t take away the fact what an unexpected transformation this is. Like, this isn’t something that we have seen coming from Hrithik in such a long time, have we? No wonder Anand Kumar was so hell bent on only having Hrithik play his role onscreen.


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