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Kiran Rao speaks about Zaira’s molestation case: It’s important that she spoke up about it

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Dangal and Secret Superstar actress Zaira Wasim recently made headlines when she accused a co-passenger of molesting her in a flight enroute to Mumbai from Delhi. She has worked with kiran Rao’s production.
Kiran Rao recently attended special screening of Hollywood movie ‘Star Wars’ on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Rao stated that it important that Zaira Wasim spoke about her on flight molestation..
She said that, “I don’t want to comment about it because I haven’t watched anything and I  didn’t talked with Zaira either after the incident but all I can says is that it’s important that we raise our voice and say what we want to say but in her situation, I would have brought it up in the plane and I think it would have been better to address it then and there with the person and the staff. It’s important though that she spoke up about it and I hope whatever the issue is it gets clarified”
A co-passenger has revealed that the accused, identified as Vikas Sachdeva, is not guilty and he was indeed sleeping during the whole journey, reports Deccan Chronicle.
“I was seated in the same… class in which the actor and the suspect (Sachdeva) flew from Delhi. The suspect did not seem to have done anything apart from his act of keeping his legs on the armrest of the seat where the actor was seated. I saw Sachdeva doze off immediately after he settled in his seat after boarding the flight at Delhi,” the co-passenger narrated the incident in an official statement to the Sahar police station, reports The Times of India.
“His fault was he kept his legs on the armrest, which was wrong. I did not see him misbehaving. He also apologized when the actor shouted at him when the flight landed at Mumbai airport and the matter was settled then”, he further added.
Most of the people too are raising question saying that why didn’t she raised her voice back then. The journey was of 2 hours long. Some people are even saying that it is a publicity stunt or a misunderstanding from her side. Co-passengers in Vistara flight also haven’t seen any suspicious activity from accused Vikram Sachdeva.
Accused Vikram Sachdeva has been sent to judicial custody till December 22 and he filed a bail plea, which will be heard on December 15.
Talking about Hollywood Movie, ‘Star Wars’, Kiran said, “I am a big ‘Star Wars’ fan. I am super excited to see the movie. I loved the trailer. I have seen the trailer of this film for almost 20 times so I am looking forward to watch the film.”
Reacting to Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding, Kiran said, “It’s such amazing news. I would like to congratulate them on their wedding. I am very happy for two them. They both look beautiful together and they look so happy and in love so it’s wonderful to see two such talented people come together.  I just wish them love and luck.”

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