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Salman & Ajay is the most modest among other actors

Ajay & Vatsal
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Ajay & Vatsal

Vatsal Sheth, an actor of ‘Tarzan the wonder car seen praising Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan while in interaction with media . Vtsal had been seen working with both the actors Bajrangi Bhaijan and Singham in the film before. Admiring the actors Sheth said, Salman Bhai is the only superstar in the industry with minus ego and I praise Ajay sir as my elder brother since i have been worked with him in the film’Tarzan’.

Vatsal showing his closeness to the actors also said that Ajay sir is that superstar who, being on such good position he still possess down to earth nature. I admire and follow him for no illusions and pretensions in him. I have seen people with no much talent have sack full of ego in them but such people doesn’t grow much in life and always face some turning point in life.

He, further added up the list of praise for versatile Singham said,  His honesty is something that I admire.He is extremely hardworking and dedicated to his job. Once, he was not well, and I told him, ‘Why don’t you call and tell them that you’re not well and take the day off’, and Ajay sir told me that he couldn’t because that would affect the film. He said that the entire unit was waiting for him, so he should go,”

The statements  by Sheth shows, what it takes to become huge personality and reach to a certain position; when there is really no coming back in life and just keep en devouring .

Taking the talk further with the leading daily Tarzan the wonder car’s actor idolized actor Kajol saying her the most fantastic and amazing actor. He also called her the very natural and god gifted actor.

Though after the debut film of Vatsal sharing screen with Ajay didn’t see in any other film but he shared a portion of film with these all actors in few of the films..

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