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Netflix’s Lust Stories shows cocktail of desires

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Neha Dhupia

‘Lust stories’ as the name suggest is all about lust and human psychology. The film shows cocktail of desires that comes out of as human psychology and shows how lust and desire brings anyone to the point of guilt and emotionally affected. Although, Radhika Apte is playing as teacher in the film and gets attracted with one of her students which turns out in sexual relation. Radhika doesn’t really want to get emotionally attached with her student and she just wanted to enjoy and experience different things in life.

But unfortunately, it ends with such situation that takes her into mentally disturbed state. Everything gets messed up and she further moves on dealing with it.

On the other hand, Manisha who is playing the role of Sanjay Kapoor’s wife both of them belongs to high class society where the showoff is the business of people. As the film plot suggests, both of them shown facing major crevice in their relationship. Manisha is the type of women who believes relation or affair is about independence and not really love or any lust and that she want her life to be ruled by herself and not anyone else.

Therefore, she falls in love with her best friend, whom she thinks is the perfect companion for her than her husband. Besides, these actors there are actors in the film like Neha Dhupia and Kiara Advani with Vicky Kaushal.

Vicky Kaushal is in demand these days.You can see him in many films like Raazi and Lust Sories itself. In this film he is playing the role of Kiara’s loving husband. But, Kiara is portraying a character of unsatisfied women from her husband in terms of sexual satisfaction and also lack of communication.The story that has been narrated in the film is nevertheless  true and disclose the reality of society and human mentality.

Neha Dhupia is as bold in the film as she is in her real life. She is portraying the role of a hot librarian who speaks of sex in open with no fear. She is the bindaas character in the film as like she was seen in many of her previous films. She don’t care about others and speak openly what she feels. Overall, the film shows the cocktail desire for lust and love.



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