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Why Self glorifying Katrina Kaif is admiring Kriti Sanon?

Why Self glorifying Katrina Kaif is admiring Kriti Sanon?
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Why Self glorifying Katrina Kaif is admiring Kriti Sanon?

Self glorifying Katrina Kaif is always seen interested in putting herself in front and a person who believe
in perfection so much that she don’t appreciate listening recoupment about self. After all, she is counted
in the top most actresses and among the most splendid looking lady in Bollywood industry. Also, she is
the ex girlfriend of industry’s don Salman Khan although, Salman had many girlfriends since the day he
started his journey to Bollywood until now, he has maintained a good record of girlfriends and he is very
much famous for never backing his steps in his friend’s bad times be it a normal friend, bestie or any ex.

So is there anyone to goad her or dare to mess up with. Of course not! Hence Katrina is a self queen.
However, gorgeous looking self queen is seen admiring Kriti Sanon on twitter when she posted a
beautiful picture of her in open dark brown hair with a killer look that no one accept celebrities could
stop themselves from appreciating her.

Katrina praising said ‘Love You’ to Kriti with blushing and heart emojis whereas, Virat Kohli also posted
the same emoticons saying ‘Cute’ and the rumoured boyfriend of Kriti none other than our on screen
Dhoni ‘Shushant Singh Rajput’ seen openly manifesting his love toward Kriti saying those three magical
words on social medium. Is really something cooking in your mind Shushant? Well, if you say or no
media is always having its eagle eye on Bollywood love birds after all, you have become favourite of
audiences now and there are thousands of your fans looking some gossips that you are whispering and
trying to hide from them.

So well, guys Katrina after her ex boyfriend dating her best friend and getting serious day by day for her,
this news is hitting her mind and perhaps she is trying to divert self from media gossips and trying to
make some new friends to spend her days out. Carry on!

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