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A dreadful fire broke at Deepika Padukone’s house

A dreadful fire broke at Deepika Padukone’s house
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A dreadful fire broke at Deepika Padukone’s house

A dreadful fire broke at Deepika Padukone’s residency in Prabha Devi area, Mumbai in a very horrifying
manner and the top two floors are caught under the fire badly that destroyed it totally and would have
deceived many under it but fortunately the other residents of the society are refrained by the fire
brigades but what about Deepika Padukone?

Report says that more than 100 people were rescued from the building and evacuated the whole society
as the fire brigades turned to the residence. The fire is suggested by the sources that took place around
2-3 and top two floor got damaged like anything in the fire but by the god grace no one got injured and
everyone along with Deepika is all out of danger and didn’t face major hurt.

But, She was whether there at her home or not has not been yet confirmed by the sources but yes, the
fans of Deepika need not to worry as she is all safe and turned on to twitter quickly after the incidence
to inform her fans that she is all secured and the tweet says, “I am safe. Thank you everyone. Let us pray
for our firefighters who are at site risking their lives..”

The day was really stunning for Deepika as she could be at major risk and anything would happened to
her on this date but god’s and her fans blessing are highly on her that took her out from such a difficult
situation and the girl who is planning to soon get tie up knot with her loved ones will definitely take
place. Lucky Ranveer!

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