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Alia is on wait for her dream boy to say those ‘three magical words’

Alia is on wait for her dream boy to say those ‘three magical words’
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Alia is on wait for her dream boy to say those ‘three magical words’

Alia who has won the Youngest Actor Award and always have been in media’s eye now and then for her
humor since the show of Karan Johar’s Kofee with Karan,when asked about the prevailing president of
the country and she was unable to answer lots of memes started to hit the social mediums and didn’t
spare the cutie pie of industry. Following to it then she always stayed on spicy list to have create taste of
her humor news entertaining the audience.The cutie pie recently made a huge traffic on social media
with her relationship news with Ranbir have declared something about her future plans.

She in an interview said,she is unlikely to other actresses in industry who don’t show an interest in
getting married soon or keep having long planning for getting married rather she calls herself a random
person and believe in no longer life planning but to get done with the things she thinks off. She said that
she would like to get married soon before her 30s but waiting for someone’s three magical words to
move on in marriage life.

Also,she showed her abundance love for kids and the day she will realize the need for kids in her life will
immediately step for second half life with someone, the bell rings in her heart for..The girl who always
have been targeted by audiences and media for her intelligence is however has huge followings and a
very sweet utterance from her in a recent interview about not being liking to be in live-in relationship
but to directly opt for marriage and spend her whole life with that person if someone really loves her..

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