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“Anushka sharma’s enraptured reaction to Sanjeev Shrivastava”s copying dance moves”

“Anushka sharma’s enraptured reaction to Sanjeev Shrivastava”s copying dance moves”
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“Anushka sharma’s enraptured reaction to Sanjeev Shrivastava”s copying dance moves”

Another sensation going viral on social media,a teacher by profession in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhabha
college is 46 year old Sanjeev Shrivastava, his single wedding dance on Govinda’s one of chartbuster
movies Khudgarz which made the audiences of that time go enraptured have once again led people
including the celebrities impatient from joyful stroll moves following to which, Anushka Sharma an actor
replied on instagram that “#Repost @Pliepalazzo OMG! I’m legit upset I didn’t think of doing it.Loving
your moves and #NUSH tee @nushbrand…As Indian as it gets.In love with amazing moves of this
#CoolUncle #NUSH.@anushkasharma #nushbrand #dancer #blogger #instagood #instamood.” After
Anushka Sharma’s reaction even Arjun Kapoor couldn’t stop himself from showing his emotions and said
“I can see pure happiness on Mr #Sanjeev Shrivastava’s face while he dances…this pure joy is what we
actor and performers crave When we let loose in front of the camera,thye ability to make others wanna
dance just by looking at u is an acquired skill…keep the moves flowing sir.” It’s really an amazing moves
and one can see a perfection in his dance that didn’t able to celebrities hold breathe and wished if they
would have performed it first in some movies or otherwise.Memes are daily doses for sensations and as
Sanjeev is becoming famous throughout India memes are obvious hence people are making cropped
videos on his moves and perfection by copying him..

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