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Movie Review: “Irrfan Khan’s Blackmail” is Commendable As It Impacts The Audience’s Mind

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Movie Review: “Irrfan Khan’s Blackmail” is Commendable As It Impacts The Audience’s Mind

Irrfan Khan starer film Blackmail is all about the struggles a marriage goes through with the roller coaster rides. ” Though Marriage is a celebration in the villages, but  it’s a regret in big cities,” Blackmail film directed by Abhinay Deo is a dark comedy.  As usual Irrfan Khan has set another standards in term of exclusive films with his mind blowing perfomance.

So, it was really pleasurable to watch an amazing characters from the film specially Irrfan Khan, whose wife rightly describes him as “husband material”and not being happy from her husband she is having an extra marital affair with a great actor i.e. Arunoday Singh.

It’s a ghastly world he lives in, one where love holds no meaning, and where greed and lust overpower even the most innocent minds. Writer Parvez Shaikh masterfully pitches one against the other and introduces a new player at every turn. There are no heroes or villains in here, just normal people who are unafraid and unapologetic, to devise and adopt immoral ways to escape the rut and make a quick buck in the bargain.

Irrfan Khan masterfully shoulders much of the madness and lends chaos and innocence to an obnoxious man who is stuggling with his growing EMIs, while attempting to fix his broken marriage. It’s incredible to watch him slip into Dev’s despicable life seamlessly. His moments of solitude and pleasure, inside the office bathroom while “cheating” on his friends and family is deviously written, and pitched perfectly to Amit Trivedi’s wicked tunes. Or, when he (literally) runs to match the beats of the soundtrack, as his world comes crumbling down, is truly epic.

Everyone else pales in comparison, barring new faces Pradhuman Singh and Anuja Sathe, who show promise but aren’t given much screen-time to shine. Arunoday Singh may be only a few films old but he manages to hold his own even when pitched alongside veteran Divya Dutta. Unfortunately, the writers aren’t as generous with Kirti Kulhari, who despite showcasing her brilliance in Pink, is left with little to do. The humour is clean, clever and spontaneous, barring Omi Vaidya’s world saving toilet roll act that falls flat.Overall film has a great content and story line which  is wonderfully directed and presented on the big screens.

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