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MOVIE REVIEW : Hate Story 4

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MOVIE REVIEW : Hate Story 4, Nothing Extra to showcase about .
The Frenchize of the Hate Story Series is back with its latest sequel titled Hate Story 4 . As from the earlier sequel it was already disclosed that the film is the revenge drama which is all about love, lust and revenge and it gets hotter and hotter from the from the earlier parts And this time the hotness get the hottest heroine of the B-Town Urvashi Rautela. With her, Vivan Bhatena and Karan Wahi are playing main male leads where Ihana Dhillon and Gulshan Grover are seen in the important roles.
We know the history of Hate Story, It’s all about revenge, But that Revenge is being served with hotness by one of the hottest and boldest actresses of Bollywood in this generation is what makes the Hate story 4 special. The story is never an issue with this series as we all know what exactly happens in the movie and it makes predictable.
Tasha akka Urvashi has dreams to become a heroine, In her journey she meets Rajveer Khurana (Karan Wahi) who is a fashion photographer, After that they get falls in love, Then comes the twist, another main character Aryan Khurana ( Vivan Bhatena ) who is actually a rich brother of Rajveer. In the party Aryan get to know Tasha who was their with Rajveer and gets attracted towards her, Even though he has a girlfriend Maaya i.e Ihana Dhillon desperately wants to get Tasha, Then in some party he mixes sleeping pills in Tasha’s drink and ends up having sex with her, Later Rajveer gets to know about this and blames Aryan, Then comes the twist in the tale, All of this is happening according to Tasha’s plan only… What made her do this and what happens when Aryan and Rajveer gets to know what actually it is you need to watch the movie as we are not going to give the spoiler.
Just like it’s previous parts this movie is also a revenge drama, And of course, the revenge is served hot which makes the series special, This movie is all about exploring Urvashi’s beauty in every possible way. Romantic scenes between Urvashi-Karan and Urvashi-Vivan will make you crazy and fall for the duo. There is nothing much new to talk about the story.There are few scenes which make you feel bored at times but later the movie covers it up. But the climax was totally predictable and was nothing a wow factor in the film. Overall the film was nothing that special to spend that much of time as one could predict with the story itself.

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