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Check out best Mother-Daughter or maybe best Guru- Shishya Jodi in Bollywood

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Shahid’s wife Mira and his daughter Misha are too adorable and no one can deny it. Both her parents treat fans with cute pictures and videos on their social media pages.
Recently Mira has posted a candid picture on Instagram where she is dancing and it seems MIsha is learning it from her. She captioned it saying, ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’
he Guru-Shishya Jodi is looking too adorable.
Recently, in an interview with a leading daily, Mira got candid about how Shahid is as a dad. She had said, “Shahid’s relationship with Misha started right from the moment when he got to know that I was pregnant. Fatherhood comes naturally to him. He is fully involved and he changed her diaper even before I did. Shahid wants to be connected to her always and I think that’s great. Misha is going to have him wrapped around her little finger .”

When asked about the changes he has experienced after the birth of his daughter, Shahid had earlier said, “I am always trying to entertain Misha and I am down on my hands and knees all the time. I think I have become goofier after having my baby. I am doing more stupid things. I am trying to get her attention all the time. Just like a puppy who jumps around to get your attention. I also like being home more now. That is one of the biggest changes in me. That’s not something I used to like doing before. I was not a morning person. But because Misha wakes up early, I also try and get up by that time to be with her. This was not me. I would always spend like 20 minutes after waking up to get up. Getting my coffee, reading the papers and then being grumpy for some time, going for a shower and then waking up. Now, that’s not the case. I am wide awake. So yeah, it brought about many changes.”

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