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Shama Sikander’s debutant production ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’ will release in Jan 2018.

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Shama Sikander who is turning producer with ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’ in the coming year, during an exclusive pre-Christmas interview talked about her upcoming project and revealed its release period. She said the film wil be released ona digital platform in Jan 2018.
Talking about the film is ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’s’ progress Shama said, “Next year in Jan we will launch the first film which is called ‘NO’. Since it will be circulated on the digital medium we don’t have to go through the process of a commercial release. So by next year in mid-Jan everyone will be able to see the first poster.”
Shama has launched her production banner and the first project is close to its release, when asked about the project’s detail she said, “My home production’s first project is ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’. It will comprise of 7 short films which we have made, keeping in mind different human aspects. All the experiences and feelings that changed me were kept in mind while making these films. If you ask the right questions you will find the right answers. I don’t think I am anyone to tell what’s right or wrong so each film will question the audience in the end.”
The film is based on her life and will be divided into seven chapters. It will touch upon her depression as well as the bipolar disorder, she suffered from. “It actually inspired by my life and real incidents. But of course, we have fictionalized them.”
When asked if it was challenging to portray so many different character shades. “it was but comparatively, it was easier because it was a part of my life. I have experienced it before it becomes easier to do it with honesty. It was challenging because it was a very emotional journey.”
​Sikander ‘s best remembered for her serial ‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’.

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