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I would love to write a book, says Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut was recently see at the book launch of “Seventy and to Hell with It” which was written by very talented Shobhaa De.
During media interaction Kangana told about her desire to write the book. She even said that she will write if she receives a chance to collaborate with Shobhaa de.
“I will write a book when I am ready to write and Shobhaa De is always there to guide me. It is like me teaching acting to Shobhaa De. I would love to write a book and if I can collaborate with Shobhaa De, it will be great. Like I said, she understands the spirit and she is the original wild child and we are her followers. I would love to associate with her in future about my experiences, my plans and my life in general” said Kangana Ranaut.

Along with Actress Kangana Ranaut celebrities like Barkha Dutt, Madhu Shah, Priya Dutt and Gul Panag, Yash Birla and Avanti Birla graced the event.
The book talks about the life of Shobhaa De- she looks back at the terrain of her life, at relationships, hers and those she have observed over the years. The book celebrates her upcoming 70th year in January 2018.
She said, “I have been writing this book for 70 years. It’s up to you to decide what you make of these 70 years!”
Shobhaa De even said that she finds Kangana Ranaut a warrior and she represents a lot in terms of how women stand up for what they believe in and henceforth she believed that Kangana was an appropriate person for the book launch.
She said, “I think she is a gladiator, she is a warrior, and she represents a lot in terms of how women stand up for what they believe in. And I find her extraordinary, young, spunky and feisty; I have always been her admirer from the time she came into the film industry”
“I really feel in today’s age it takes a lot for women to stand up and now there is a global community of women, who are standing up and speaking out and speaking for themselves and Kangana Ranaut is one of them, so I couldn’t have thought of a better person to launch the book”, she added.
Shobhaa De Honoured five powerful women whom she thinks have fought the system and has been inspiration for many.

At the launch, Kangana even appreciated Indian craftsman and weavers. She said, “This is hand painted Sari, which is from Jaipur. I was in Jaipur and this is Jaipur shopping. You know to give our own local, India made, weavers and craftsman. credit, this is all hand painted work, so guys please promote them, we are made in India as well.”

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