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Find out the secret behind Sridevi’s fitness and confident self

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We all keep wondering how actresses manage to look so young and stay fit even after their hectic schedule.
Some actresses like Sridevi, Hema Malini, Madhuri Dixit are surely ideals for many. Even after many years they still have the same charm and looks super fit and young.
Want to know how? Here are the reasons:
Sridevi has unveiled the secret behind her fit, healthy and confident self. She was recently seen at the book launch of ‘YOU’VE LOST WEIGHT’ co-written by Dr. Sarita Davare and Sanjeev Kapoor on Tuesday where she gave a speech on fitness. She said that the credit behind her confidence goes to Dr. Davare.
Her speech begun with, “Adarniya Dudhi Dal, Srimathi Methi, Kumari Bhindi bhaji, Honorable grill chicken and grill fish, Respected egg white omelet, and last but not the least Pani of Pani Puri.”
She further added saying, “You all must be wondering why am I addressing these things. If I am fit today, I feel healthy and confident all the credit goes to all those dishes. And the credit to introduce me to all of them goes to Dr. Sarita Davare.”
Sridevi admits the food is very simple, without ghee and spices “but it’s so tasteful. Now that I am talking about it I can feel my mouth water.”
She also shared a dinner moment in her household “Every time we have special dishes at home I always hear my husband say this, ‘my stomach is full but I still feel like eating more.’ its all in your mind, you have to control it. You have to tell yourself, ‘that’s enough, you have to stop now’.”
“Thanks to Davare Ji she had changed many lives making them more systematic. She taught us we aren’t living to eat we are eating to live. I have just one dream and wish that one day Boney Ji will also be standing here and talking about it like I am. (Laughs). Please just make this one wish come true.”

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